We did it! With the help of our supportive fans we were able to fund our recent album Setting The Tone!

In April 2013 we successfully completed our goal of raising the money necessary to record and produce our new album.  Through the online fundraising platform Kickstarter we had several hundred fans across the globe contribute to the cause. No labels, investors or outside funds were used the create this album! Music for the people by the people!

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for believing in us and providing us the freedom to create the art we love to create! We couldn’t have done this without you!

For all those that supported us on Kickstarter, the CD’s have just arrived and we will be shipping them out your way very soon! All who helped fund this album should have received a digital copy of the album already! Play it proud and play it loud!


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  1. Jordan 10 years ago

    You guys so deserve this! Amaizing album from an amaizing band!

  2. Eric (Soul Majestic) 10 years ago

    hey marian! thanks for the post and great to hear you are loving the vibe! Although we haven’t played at Hop Monk we’ve heard great things about it and sounds like a great venue! we’ll make sure to keep you posted when we are up in your area! thanks again for the message!
    -Soul Majestic-

  3. Soul Majetsic 10 years ago

    Your packages are in the mail!

    We’re excited to let you know that for those who made pledges that included a physical CD, poster, shirt, sticker, etc your package has been mailed as of a few days ago. Some of you may have already received them and others can expect it to arrive shortly! If you don’t receive your package within the next few weeks please let us know.

    If you are in our local area of Santa Barbara, CA we will be delivering some of the packages personally to avoid having to mail them.

    Some of your pledges may have included a special item such as handmade pieces of art by the band, unreleased music by Soul Majestic or a performance by the band which will be arranged individually, but your signed CD is already in the mail!

    Each one of you should have already received a code and link to download the digital copy of the album, so if you were unable to download the album please let is know.

    The new album was released on iTunes a few weeks ago already debuting in the top 40 of iTunes reggae! Still only few have heard the new album and from what we’ve been told so far it has been more than well received! We want to hear from you and encourage you all to share the music and spread it around! The new album “Setting The Tone” is available online at all major outlets and the physical CD will be available online and in stores shortly, but if you have someone that can’t wait for a copy of the album you can contact us directly.

    Once again, our heart felt thanks for believing in us and supporting our dream! We couldn’t have done this without you and know that you will love the new album!

    Much much more to come!

    Play it loud and play it proud! Music for the people by the people! Pass it around!

    -Soul Majestic-

  4. Lindsey Guerrero 10 years ago

    Soul Majestic’s most recent album is their best yet! Great to start your day with and even better to turn up the volume once the sun goes down. Upbeat, positive, genuine and makes you want to move your dancing feet! Soul Majestic, my hats off to you. Keep the good vibes flowing!


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