Can’t Wait

(feat. Josh Heinrichs and Dread Kennedy)

I can’t wait
To get back home to you
I can’t wait
To love you like I used to do
I can’t wait
Got you on my mind
INDICAtions so sweet
I gotta sense that your kind

You bring the vibes
And you make me feel high
Want you near every day of my life
You light up my mind
Lets relax and unwind
When you’re here there’s no struggle or strife
So let’s find a place
Just a nice little space
Where the world can just fade away
Cuz it’s just you and me
and the chalice makes three
So come make a fire blaze


Girl I need your love
It’s my addiction
Your remedy, it fills my prescription
And I can’t wait to have your attention, yeah
Cause it’s your love that I’ve been missing yeah


Just give me the one draw
Then two three and four
Cuz every time you come you leave me wanting some more
Your beauty is a thing that poems were created for
And you shine just like a diamond that the sunlight adores
I’m always giving praises to you night and day
You fill up my cup with the highest grade
I know you are my kind
I’m finally off my grind
Its time


Inna dis life mi search around a lot but mi nevah found anyone worth mi time
Jus gal a dat gal a dat an dancin dutty wind
Until a dis one day I met her my queen
A red headed gal dis with eyes like lazer beam
A di sweetest woman I evah did see
The fertile ground to plant Iyah man seed
Tell her do you wanna be, do you wanna be, do you wanna be, do you wanna be, do you wanna be the only one I wake up to see, yeah


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