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New Album, “Keep it Burning”!

Our new album Keep It Burning is available now everywhere! Infused with the energy of pushing forward and rising up in the midst of turbulent times, this album is a call for all earth warriors and freedom fighters to come together and stand up for justice and equality. In the spirit of balance, it also has threads of love, hope, and connection woven throughout. The album showcases guest artists that beautifully represent the past, present and future of reggae, with Jamaican reggae legend Prezident Brown lending the fire on “Sticks and Stones,” Josh Heinrichs and Dread Kennedy bringing the love vibes to “Can’t Wait,” and rising artists Rastan and Benny Ranks dropping verses on “After Party.” The album art reflects the elemental nature of the songs, and depicts how the music is a catalyst to express our connection to the natural world, and our burning desire to bring about positive change.

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